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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
  All smiles :)
As you can tell by the title of this post, I am one happy lady :) Things (i.e. friends, family, work, dating) are going well right now...or I am just not stressing about them one he he. God has that amazing effect on me :)
The big reason I am happy is a man we'll call Mr. Great. We are really such a good fit minus one thing, and if that doesn't pan out we have agreed to just diagree and move on. It isn't causing a problem so....
But man he is GREAT, hence the nickname he he. We have SUCH a good time together and just feel so comfortable around each other, like we have known each other forever instead of just 5 weeks. We both feel we can talk to the other about anything, and we pretty much do! We talk every day, and we can still talk for hours even after 5 weeks.
I have NEVER had such a thoughtful or sweet guy be interested in me. He has carried my purse out of a nail salon, went out in the cold to get my purse out of the car , opens ALL doors for me, rinsed the pollen off my car so I can see....Definitely a keeper in my book!
This past weekend I met his 6 year old daughter and that went REALLY well. The 3 of us had a great time going to dinner and playing putt-putt golf followed by riding bumper cars. I also met his parents, along with his sister and brother-in-law, this past weekend. They were grilling out by the lake Sunday for lunch and invited me over. That went well too. I felt pretty comfortable around them and we got along well I think.
So far so good huh?! :) We'll see what the future holds! I am hoping that before long we'll be a couple and I can report that Southern Peach has a beau! he he
I hope that everyone is doing well!!!
Saturday, February 10, 2007
  Long time no blog
Hey blogging friends! How is everyone? Great I hope! I am continuing to be a blogging slacker...sorry! I have been busy getting things in order and better at work, along with 2 weddings that I have coming up! I have had to do the dress thing for both and go shoe shoppinh for one (DRAK BROWN SANDALS...NOT THE EASIEST TO FIND!) So I am getting back into the swing of things with this. I have kept up with your blogs, just haven't gotten to comment.
Anyway, the weddings have been ruling a good part of my life lately. Dana (my good friend in Charlotte) is getting married in 2 weeks :) There was drama with the dress getting here via fedex. Then I had to rush on some alterations(wouldn't ya know my fat butt had to have an 18!!??? Ugh! I only have to have the very top part of the top taken in and the sides by my legs a little. And of course altered with my little petite self lol) Then there were finding dark brown shoes to go with the color and material of the dress. There was drama with the hotel situation. I felt bad for it for a little bit and got over it pretty much. About 5 of us from work that are going to her wedding booked at a hotel cheaper than the one she had blocked off rooms at and it added to her stress level....oops. It's my money and I have been out alot for someone that treated me the way they did last time I was there . I got the brunt of it cause I found the hotel and told them about it. Haven't really talked to her since actually....
The other wedding is my angel's...aka my youngest sister Erin. She is my baby and best friend. I am planning her bridal shower for the end of April so that has been alot to do in a short amount of time. It's fun though :) Anything for her... I am actually about done except for invitations and hearing from the place about some things :) It's working out great that way with the place we're having it (she screamed out of pure joy when I booked it!)
I am taking a break with my friend Chris. It'll have been a week tomorrow. Last Sunday after church we were talking and he said that when he kissed me the last time we saw each other that it was like kissing his sister. But then he made the statement that if I was back down to a size 2 or 4 from my size 8 he wouldn't be able to control himself. I was like wait a minute....that is 2 TOTALLY different things and it doesn't work that way. He needs to figure things out. I can't have him staying stuff so contradictory like that. So I told him to not call for a while.
I am on the slimfast diet..:( I stay hungry!!! LOL I eat one for breakfast and lunch, usually with an apple. Then sandwhich and soup for dinner. Weekends are my eat-what I-darn-well-please days :) I am back into my size 8 comfortbaly...It was hard fitting into them before. That is what started this whole slim fast thing .
Work is going okay...I am more on top of things but their behavior has been awful lately. Gotta get to the bottom of that. That has put us behind practicing for the state test but I am not stressed about it. I am feeling okay about things besides their behavior. God will take care of things and watch over it all though :)
Alright I think I have gotten you caught up pretty well ...have a great rest of the weekend!
Sunday, January 07, 2007
  New Year, New Southern Peach ....
in some ways, Lord-willing! I plan to continue to be the same person that I am...bubbly around those select few, talkative, nice, would do anything for anyone. However, I also plan to change for the better in some ways-spiritually and personality wise.
Spiritually, I want to become closer to God this year, and let him take more control over my life, to live my life for him. I want to get more involved in church also. I had slacked in this department from lack of deciding on a church, but not anymore. God died all those years ago for my sins on that cruel cross, and I LOVE him so much for that and my eternal salvation that I received a little over a year ago through my baptism by my Daddy. It's high time I show my love and thanks, follow his word better.

In the personality department, I have stunk at keeping in touch with people that I think alot of and think of often. I have become a slacker in sending cards and such to my friends like I used to. Next to God and my family, my friends mean the WORLD to me. Growing up I never had alot of very close friends, or many friends at all. Now as an adult to be blessed with the best friend ever in GaBelle, and my close friendships with many others is WONDERFUL! I need to get my head outta wherever it's been ,and start showing them that I care and appreciate their friendship more than words could ever say.
One of the many things I will pray for this year is the ability to put God first, followed by my family and friends
I also want to stop looking like a butter ball...I am praying for it fervently! he he
A belated Happy New Year to you all!
Jude 1:2 "Mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance"
Friday, November 17, 2006
  Hey friends!
So I stink at keeping this blog updated...sorry! Things have been crazy busy on top of my being sick lately. I apologize about not commenting too...I have visited and read all of your entries though! I'll be commenting a little later on them....
So ZTA stuff where I had to go home, on top of my friend Dana's engagement party out of town (more later),have found me out of town the past few weekends while sick with a sinus infection.
I DID have time to visit with my best pal GaBelle, and see her and Z's new house. IT IS AWESOME!!! It is PERFECT! Ya'll it even has a cobblestone floor in the hallway! TOO CUTE! They did some major remodeling work on the house and it looks fabulous. I could go on and on...SERIOUSLY! The layout is great, the location is great, the paint and decor they did is great.... OH and I finally got meet Sadie...PRECIOUS!!! She is a great dog for GaBelle and too cute :)
So on to tonight. Ya'll this was a HORRIBLE night! I decided to go walking before my date with this guy Ben. Well I always take my house key off and put it in my shoes so that I am not carrying all my keys and key chain around. Well when I get back my key is had evidently come outta my shoe while I was walking. I am locked out for 2hours, in the cell phone , no car keys, NOTHING but my ipod shuffle. I got a neighbor to let me use his phone on his way out to call Chris to come get me and help me out. He tells me that he has company coming over, then tries to be like "well I can make some phone calls..." DON'T FREAKIN BOTHER!!! Ugh!!! Someone who is one of my best friends and that's how he treats me? I finally got into my apartment and see that an hour after I called him he has called to check on me. AN HOUR PEOPLE!!! He knew my situation. I did call him and tell him that I was okay. He asked if I was mad..I told him yeah I was! DUH! I told him he really showed me how much he cared by not coming to help me out. He was like I tried...I called to check on you. YEAH AFTER THE FACT! ARGH! I literally set down on the steps of my building and cried. I felt so alone and's hard to explain. Anyway, I ended catching another neighbor coming in and used their phone and phone book to call a locksmith.
Thanks for letting me vent...I needed it!! Love you guys! More later on Ben and other stuff going on....
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
So I guess I must have sucker written across my forehead, but only guys are able to see it. REALLY! Case in point:

So I have been dating this guy. Things were going great. He seemed really interested, and I could see things going further. I was happy and excited about that. He was constantly doing stuff to let me know he was thinking about me, to be nice, etc. He made plans weeks in advance. Said he missed me. Said he was only interested in me. Said he didn't date more than one person at a time. Even said he didn't want me to meet anyone else, etc. Well I am here to tell you that is a bunch of CRAP! He must think I am stupid too. Stupid to think I wouldn't find out otherwise. Stupid to think that I am going to continue to put up with it now that I know differently. I mean, I may be blonde but I am not stupid! LOL He and this girl are leaving each other comments on their myspace page (he told her he missed her!! and she said can't wait to see you again) Did he think I wouldn't see it? Or that I would put up with him playing me, not be truthful with me? Honestly people!!! He couldn't get to my apartment fast enough this weekend. He tried 2-3 times on Friday to come over but I was with Geoegiabelle. The other times I was already asleep. Saturday he wanted to come over in the afternoon but I was busy.

Seriously, people, what's wrong with me? Am I that horrible looking? Is my personality that bad?

I think it's time for a break from dating for a while....

by the way, anyone wanna take a wager on if I hear from him again since I wouldn't sleep with him Sunday?????
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  Date, work, etc...
So my date the other night was GREAT! I had been kinda worried about it before because he is so much more intellectual and knows alot about philosophy and politics. I was curious what conversation would be like. Well I show up late (starting to become a habit...gotta break it! LOL) After FINALLY finding somewhere to park, I walk up behind my date as we are chatting on our cell phones he he. We walk in, get a beer, and find a little corner to sit at so we can chat. Keep in mind we are at an outside area of this restaraunt on the edge of the park. Conversation was great...I answered questions and was scoring well he said LOL He was doing the same with my questions. He was making me laugh because we kept talking about stuff that he said you supposedly weren't supposed to talk about on a first date. He made the comment that it was the most normal or relaxed date he's been on lately. I can't remember which....LOL He kept making references to a second date and getting together again. He made the comment he would tell me about the worse day in his life in 6 months, too. We walked in the park for a while also, just chatting.
Well when he is walking me to my car is when I realize that it wasn't there. We realize it's been towed. There was never any question that he was going to take me to get my car. He even offered some of the others that were towed a ride. He offered to stay with me at the towing place. I obliged because I was a little uncomfortable. I felt bad though because he just ended up standing there chatting with other people waiting for their cars. Once we are in our cars and back on the interstate he calls, says he had a great time. I agreed and complimented him on picking a cool date spot, made some comment about other than my car getting towed. I don't remember exactly he he. m He said he'd talk to me again soon. I haven't talked to him yet though. I emailed him Monday morning saying thanks for the great date, and told him he had earned points with me on picking a great date spot and how well he handled the whole situation with my car.
My students (well 2 of them) are driving me nuts! I need prayer that I can handle them and actually teach the others this year!!!!
Monday, September 18, 2006
  Just my luck...
that at the end of a great first date I would come out to find my car TOWED!!!! LOL I can't help but to laugh....and at least I wasn't the only one. I was one of many to get their cars towed from the same parking lot.
More later on the date and stuff...I gotta get to bed. Much love!
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